Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters (2)

The tree that protects Camp Half Blood has now been poisoned so the force field surrounding the camp has now vanished, so all monsters and entities can enter the camp, putting the half bloods and the world in danger. It is up to Percy Jackson to save the world. I really like how the book surprised me, like when Percy Jackson didn't get picked for the five to go and kill the doomsday monster, the one that poisoned the tree. In the book, I really like Tyson, the good Cyclops, because he is very funny and clumsy but smart and strong too. I also like him because I think we are very similar.

Price: £2.50.
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  1. could you reserve this one for me bingham? thank you. 😊 and job well done on your website this is really helpful 😊

    1. Hi, thank you. I will reserve this book for you. Please click in the 'JustGiving' botton to pay for the books.


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