Knife edge by Malorie Blackman

Knife Edge is a continuation of the book Noughts and Cross.

As a result, of Callum's unfortunate death in the last book, which Sephy was involved in, Callum's brother Jude was out to get Sephy.

However, when he finally found her he realised that she did not care if she was killed, and only then did Jude realise that there was something she cared about more which he could use to get back at her.

The author named the book Knife Edge as she is referring to how careful Jude has to be to avoid getting caught while chasing Sephy's daughter as well as how aware Sephy must be to prevent Jude from getting to Sephy and getting what was most important to her.

Altogether I give this book a 9.5/10 and I would recommend this book to all ages 12 and above.

Price: £3.50
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